World is a Mirror

To change your world, you must change yourself…

The good you find in others, is in you too. The faults you find in others, are your faults as well.

After all, to recognize something, you must know it. You recognize mango when you experience the taste of it otherwise its another fruit with a name mango.

The beauty you see around you, is your beauty. The world around you is a reflection, a mirror showing you the person you are. To change your world, you must change yourself.

See the best in others, and you will be your best. Give to others, and you will give to yourself.

Appreciate beauty, and you will be beautiful. Admire creativity, and you will be creative. Love, and you will be loved.

Seek to understand, and you will be understood. Listen, and your voice will be heard. Listening is an art and some one has to open to listen.

Teach, and you will learn. You don’t need to wait. Start sharing and you will learn more. Sharing is caring and caring is love.

It’s no coincidence that you are paying attention to someone’s words. You have that experience or glimpse of those words that’s why you stop and read. Sometimes read again and again.

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