I will start this topic with the difference between change and transformation. You may have seen people saying to other people, “Why don’t you change? Change your life a little to bring prosperity and happiness.”

A long time ago somebody said this to me. I asked, “What do you want me to change. And why should I change?” I know I am not perfect BUT I had this feeling or understanding that I have very strong beliefs. When things do not work the way you have planned and life is full of chaos, confusion and stress then decide to use the brain to troubleshoot life issues. People do not easily change. It is very difficult to change something created by this Universe. You use knowledge to bring changes in your life and it happens when you really decide with a strong determination and will power and then TRANSFORMATION happens, changing y our belief system based on the new knowledge that is received.

Transformation is the movement from the old beliefs to new ones created by you, based on the knowledge received, not on something I said or on what another human said. There is a phase in life where you are confused, stressed out and trying to find the reason behind all the complications, because all the times you blamed others and GOD did not work. To help you out, you hear an inner voice which is pushing you to look for Transformation. Before Transformation, you are more focused on the past and the future. You are not able to let go of the past.

The attachment to an old relationship keeps coming back. There is jealousy and possessiveness in you causing problems in your relationships. You are judgmental and always trying to change others. You know you are not perfect, but you think you just have strong beliefs and that you don’t have an Ego. Besides all this, you are still stressing out and going through a pain cycle. Let’s talk about beliefs. You have a few rules set up in your life or may be you just go with the flow but still there are rules which define what’s wrong or right and good or bad.

You set those rules based on lessons learned in life and may be from other experiences. Your parents and teachers played an important role too. You saw your parents going to church, mosque or temple. You may have attended religious or spiritual meetings. Whatever goes in stays in. All that information which you heard or listened to is still there in one of the corners of your mind.

You may have heard all this from your elders that it is good to go to church, temple or mosque. It is good to eat certain food. It is good to do this and bad to do that. All this is based on their beliefs. “You should study science or economics.

You should focus on learning more languages.” But you don’t want to study science and you have to do it because you do not see any choice. You may have raised this question about who decided what is good or bad. It is not good to stay up so late. It is not good to wake up so late. “You know Honey; you should not do this, as it is wrong. Why do you keep doing this as I have told you many times that it is not the right thing to do?”

We make rules to live a better life and avoid complications but complications and stress are still there. We blame others for those complications to prove that our beliefs are strong.


Ac acceptance, Courage and Willpower require transforming your life. The confusion occurs when you see that your beliefs are causing all the suffering but the best part is you have already broken the attachment as soon as you realize that your beliefs caused all this suffering. You may be in your mid 20’s or 40’s or 60’s. Imagine that you are building something for the last 60 years and something happens which proves that the whole foundation is wrong. You look back 60 years and that feeling creates the resistance to accept Transformation.

Let us say you have gathered enough courage and strong willpower, but then the next excuse will be time. People say “I want to do it, but I have no TIME!”

There is no greater obstacle to an inner voice of GOD than TIME. Start spending time in your own company. Become still and stay still as long as you can. You will hear the voice of stillness in your head. Work with those voices and start bringing changes into your life. Analyze the quality of those voices. Are those voices bringing up any negativity? If so, go more deeply and see what is the real fear? I did it so you can do it too. There are many others who have done this. My inner voice is saying at this moment, “What are you waiting for, more pain, stress or complications? And then you are going to finally do it… Don’t put Time as an excuse.”

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