Testing others…

There was a guy like me or you ( in case you are male)

Always testing people based on his point of views directly or indirectly. In case people got mad or did not like his comments, then he used to say ” Oh..I was just joking”

He tested his first love, all friends and then life partner….Always creating situations to see how people going to react…

One of his girlfriends tried to help him to understand his nature, but he thought she is just like others blaming him. He ended up losing all of his friends and finally realized that how difficult he was, but he raised a profound question “Why? ….Why he was kept doing this…testing close one , those who really did love him”

He had insecurities …He tested all friends and people who did love him to see if they really love him or not. He took them to the limit.

He thought he can read people like psychic and problem was he was getting what he was thinking so he thought he is psychic ….

Are you that personality as shared above? If yes then, please try to learn something before you lose who really loves you from the heart.

Change yourself instead of testing other’s patience and love…

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