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Looking at sky, all I see is You
Looking at ground, all I see is You
You are everywhere, I don’t know why I couldn’t see You
Life is for You, Help me to create better one for You
Take all my love, create more love


Rising above all the words
Rising above all the thoughts
Rising above all the distractions
Rising above all the drama
Rising above this world and creating new one
A world of love, my new world, our new world


Let go of victim stories

Let go of victim stories

Let go of victim stories

No more victim stories

Yes to LOVE

Best Feeling – Past Moving on

Abusing Past Moving On

Abusing Past Moving On


Granted graph

Before  Now  After


Never take anything for granted


Let them feel good


Make your life easy by not defending or explaining things to people who are judging you just because they want to feel good.
Let them feel good  & You move on
Simple & East mantra to live