Story of Love and Profound realization

A guy sees a beautiful girl but holding on the emotions. He is afraid of love. He does not want to get hurt. After few months, he gets a chance to meet that girl.

He did not say anything to the girl. After 2 months, he realized that he is in love & this time. He is not afraid. There is no feeling to possess. He decided to go ahead and shared his feelings with her. She listened and said, we are good friends.  She was all calm.

Guy felt free.He shared his feeling and found freedom.

Now,  there were moments when he wanted to know how she feels about him but no words from the girl.

One day, he was laying down thinking about her. Suddenly, he realized something very important. The message he understood was:


At Soul level, that soul is interacting with this soul to help him come out of the fear of getting hurt. He could  open his heart again and ready to love. She played her role already. Now question comes to emotions.

He wants to love her, give her joy and happiness. He wants to hold her and enjoy every moment with her.
Another truth he realized, True Love always come back home so he decided not to suffer in case she does not love her back. He loves her and that love will make him more strong day by day. This is true love. Is it easy?

Yes or No…you have to find it out

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