Stillness and Love….Please leave your feedback

If there is any question on love, pleasure, relationship then I want you to try this.

Sit down and relax. Close your eyes breathe in and out a few times. Stay still and raise question on love. What is love for you?

I just tried the above and the first thing I saw was my daughter and then my work, writings and my family.

I focused my attention on my previous relationships and I see all those who were involved with me and I see love and forgiveness. 

There are moments when tears comes out during this process and I experience healing, Power of Tears.

~~~~~~~ Please leave your feedback ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

2 thoughts on “Stillness and Love….Please leave your feedback

  1. Marcy

    This looks like something very good to try. I am going to try to do this later. Then post what I feel after. Thank you for this.


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