Soul and Mind Games

We can understand the mind games with the following example:

To play a football game we need a field and 2 teams

Field : Mind
Team A:
Sanskars or Impressions ( Players : Habits, Memories, Beliefs, Instincts)
Team B:
Intellect ( Players: Will-Power, Judgment, Decision, Discrimination)
Team A is always winning the game so Team B is just giving up to let Team A win as Team is a known winner. Team B get weakens when every time Team A scores the goal. This is our SANSKARS (Team A) that we are not happy and so stressed out in our life. We let our past ruin our present or we keep worrying about future.

We need to support TEAM B to have a beautiful life. The best way to support TEAM B is to have knowledge and Wisdom on SOUL.

Analyze your thoughts, Have power, knowledge and wisdom to “DETACH” yourself from waste thoughts.

Leave “Body Consciousness” : for a moment, forget your name ,status, gender , anything related to your body.

Focus on your “SOUL” , an energy , locate it in the middle of your forehead. SOUL is the driver of your body. Detach your mind/soul from your body and this world then let it talk to Supreme Soul. Supreme SOUL is not a human body or physical attribute.
SUPREME SOUL is Father of your SOUL. Think like this: When you see a new born or a growing baby, we say ” Aww…she or he is so innocent” …Innocence comes from PURITY.
Supreme SOUL is like a power house and our SOUL is like a battery. When you are stressed or hurt or not able to understand what’s next then that’s the time to recharge your battery. Generally, We take naps or do other activities to distract our mind but that’s temporary.
Elevate yourself to attach your SOUL to POWER HOUSE :)

Ask yourself few questions:
What is SOUL?
What is Body Consciousness?
What is SOUL Consciousness?
What is the difference between SOUL and BODY Consciousness?
How to elevate ourselves to reach SOUL Consciousness stage?


One thought on “Soul and Mind Games

  1. roopa

    as i m doing vipassana meditation which is taught by S.N. Goenka, i feel both the teams are like only mind as team A & B both are “ego” so any team if wins i dont think so we can live happily, i feel if we want to be happy in our life so we should be aware and euqanimous within.
    be happy


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