Seek and You will find…Inner Stillness

You and only you can change your life. You have to bring the desire to change your life. It’s time NOW to access stillness, Inner stillness.

You’re walking, talking, eating, body is in action but your SOUL or MIND is still. Experience it as soon as you finish reading this note.

If you’re doing this first time then try to find alone time of around 30 minutes, no interference…just you in a room.

Important: Let go of all you have learned so far and start it from point A

Close your eyes, breathe in & out few times, relax your body and mind.

Stay still and keep breathing in & out…Pay attention to your thoughts…what are those people coming into your head?

Stay still & slowly analyze those thoughts…

why hate, anger, jealousy, controlling people, greed, craving, playing with other lives there….see your True nature…Don’t push away the truth. It’s going to be last time because your life will be changed after experiencing stillness. The key is “you don’t need to think that you are experiencing or practicing stillness”

Just stay still and you are transforming your life as soon as you start letting go of those waste and dirty thoughts (it’s garbage…thoughts on jealousy, controlling …It’s trash sitting in your head and polluting your SOUL)


Love…Lets build a new foundation to live a new life…focus on love. give love & its possible if you decide to do not because others asking you to do so….You have to bring that strong desire in your heart to change the way you are living …Love will transform your life

2 thoughts on “Seek and You will find…Inner Stillness

  1. Emm Dee

    Dearest FB Friend:
    Outside of the small error as discussed below, the blog was a good one!

    You left the letter (r)off in this sentence:”You’re walking, talking, eating, body is in action but you()SOUL or MIND is still”.

    Emm Dee


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