You can put a bird in a cage but you cannot do the same for a human. Have you seen termites attack wood?
Possessiveness makes us jealously opposed to the personal independence of our partners and this eats away at a relationship the way a termite attacks wood. Most of the time we don’t know that we are possessive and controlling others.

We try to impose our beliefs on others. We try to prove that he or she is wrong. Are you always worried where he or she is?
Are you always looking for an opportunity to track him or her?
You may call it over protection but it is really possessiveness. Over protection exists for kids, not for normal
adults. Give your partner space and respect each other’s privacy. Awareness of possessiveness is a challenge.

Analyze your thoughts and actions; don’t resist any negative inner voice or feeling. Analyze it and use the brain to check why it is there in the first place. True love does not come with possessiveness

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