People do change & that’s Transformation

I would like to share my personal experience on transformation. I was not aware of the difference between religion and spirituality. I used to go to temple every day because I saw my family go. I used to visit religious places like temples and places for meeting saints. I knew that I had a
strong will power and determination. I was under the impression that my beliefs are as strong as my will power. “I have no ego,” is still one of my favorite lines, because I have always thought being humble, gentle and down to Earth means you have no ego. I have made strong efforts to achieve my aims
and goals. God creates our destiny, so go with the flow and with your feelings; this was one of my strong beliefs. I had no knowledge on the thinking process. I thought thinking is good for the brain, as it is like an exercise.

There were a few ups and downs in my relationships.My inner voice, which I was not aware of, used to ask me “Do you know why you are in this world?” I never paid any attention to this question, because I didn’t realize the voice was talking to me. I had a feeling that there was something that was going to happen in my life, but I was not aware of what. A few months after my twenty-ninth birthday, I woke up one morning around 3:00 am and started looking at a wall. I realized how I had wasted my time in the last several years chasing illusions,which were money and more status. I listened to a voice in my head and I broke the bondage with others who were not important at all in my life and I was with them because of my desires. I decided to break that circle. Tears were coming out and I asked one question. Why I am here and what is my purpose in this world?

One of my friends sent me spiritual material to listen to. I spent the next few days listening to those spiritual texts. After a few days, I came in touch with a spiritual teacher who helped me to understand my real identity. I had no knowledge about the energy in this costume which is our body. I started
spending more time in deep silence and meditation. After a few days, while sitting in deep silence, I felt an itch and also vibrations on the top of my head. I opened my eyes and looked at the same wall. I saw the real beauty of that wall and other things around me. The next day, I heard, “I am giving you three
things: knowledge, wisdom and energy, and your project is Service.” I started paying attention to spiritual teachers and churning their words. I was spending more time in solitude and listening to spiritual texts. I started writing notes and sharing my knowledge with others. I did more research on vibrations
felt during meditation and found that with divine energy there is cosmic energy. I felt a drastic change in my life. I broke the cycle of confusion and complications. I realized how the mind plays with our body and how we have become each a slave to the mind. I started accepting the present moment as it is instead
of resisting it.

I hope this book and my words will help others to understand the purpose of their existence in this world and help them to feel the cosmic energy while in meditation

Transformation: Knowledge, Meditation & Wisdom

One thought on “People do change & that’s Transformation

  1. Rita Desnoyers-Garcia


    Your transformation is very similar to mine a few years back. Everything fell apart and then fell together into a new form. Everything started to look differently to me. I had new sensations, new perceptions, new experiences with others. Most importantly, I found out why I’m here. It’s good to others who have done this as well.

    thanks for your post,


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