This is TRUE because True Love is Pure Like GOD…

“RAAB” punjabi word for GOD. There are so many songs based on Love with GOD.

I go back and see my life 11 years back :)

True love always come back but the question is “Is there any need to wait” ?

After 11 years I have found the answer. No, there is no need to wait and waste your time. The best part is I did not waste those 11 years.

Life was beautiful but now its something beyond words…it feels like Heaven.

If you are raising this question that why do I need to know his story then answer is ” We are one family…We are ONE and most of time we have same story with different names and circumstances”
Its good to learn from other experiences. I always neglected this in my life. I tried to learn from my own experience and I guess that’s why I have enough courage to share my life with all of you…

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