Life before death

Life is a living being …so simple and easy to say so I decided to raise another question. What is living?
Living is having life. Does it mean that we have found the answers of questions raised?
No it’s not that simple. You may say , come on dude, stop this and let’s just live life with joy and love. I have no problem with that. Let’s do it but I just want to spend few minutes to see if we as one family know how to live…
Taking care of bills, personal things and then find few days off to enjoy free time. Go back to the same routine every again and….after 50 or 60 years…Life ends.
Now the question is ” Did you live your life fully?”
Living life fully? Does it mean world tours, cruises, wealth or all worldly pleasures?
I would say all these are very small part of living life fully, but it is part, so we can’t ignore it. The major part is your contribution to family called Human Being.
What have you created during your own journey which you can pass to next generation?
Creation is an art. Jesus , Buddha or name any accomplished teacher created something to live life in favor of humanity, but what we have done. We used their words and created religions and worse part is killing each other on name of religion and God. This is just an example to think about the way we as one manipulates to fit everything to get what we want.
Let’s talk about living life with love and truth.
Consciousness is the state of being conscious; awareness of the one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.
Remembrance of your true nature will keep you awake, and you will find freedom from ignorance. Ignorance is forgetting your true nature, which is Love.
Is Love going to pay your bills? Is Love going to bring peace? Is Love really exist? Is Love really transforms life?
Love brings peace of mind. Once you have peace of mind then you can focus on something creative and then who knows you may invent a new technology. Love exists and its not something the physical entity. Its inside of you and its not even that physical part which we call Heart. Love is a sacred feeling free of desires. Love transforms life as it brings caring and compassion.
These are not just a bunch of words. This is truth of one human, and he is sharing with you now. I hope you will find the real essence of my message….
A mystery you have to solve ” why are you here in this world?” Are you here to pay bills or Is there something else you have to do it?

3 thoughts on “Life before death

  1. Anonymous

    it is realy amazing i,m thinking about that realy why i am here in this world i couldn,t find any answer help me to know myself first to know after about another thing in this world,and i,m intresting to know about the life after death,


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