Letter to first Love…Shared by someone very close to me

A human:

I realized the truth…It took me 15 years to understand that I have to let go of something…I chased success , power, money , career for 15 yrs after we broke up…I lost wonderful people, females specially who gave me unconditional love but I was lost because I was carrying the pain of first love…I wanted to be rich….

2nd True love came into my life and she woke me up from the pain …my kid…She said, Dad, I love you and you are my heart…I said, wow, I have the same feeling for my first love and what am I doing?

I woke up , cried and realized the truth…true love always come back home …I am free…I love you a lot and I know its gonna end with me but now I don’t have pain

Thanks for listening…you know it really means a lot that you are listening because I don’t want to die with this message keeping in my heart…My SOUL will keep wondering otherwise.

One thought on “Letter to first Love…Shared by someone very close to me

  1. Anonymous

    Its neither funny, nor interesting, undoubtedly not just cool.

    It’s true for what it is;

    Thank you for sharing,
    Loved it so much,

    My SOUL will keep wondering otherwise….

    so I wanna share too…

    Roksana Shimukashi


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