Consciousness is awareness of one’s own
existence. “Human is Unconscious.” It is very true. Are you
confused or angry after reading your current state of mind? You
are unconscious if you are trapped under an illusion. Illusion is
something which is not real. You see it but it does not exist or
let us say it exists but it is not real.
I studied the ‘mirage effect’ in school. On a hot sunny
day when you drive and then you see a patch of water or wet
road, but when you arrive at that point you will find no water or

wet patch. If you believe that more money or power will bring
love, peace and happiness, then that is an illusion like a mirage.
An illusion or Maya (Hindi word) is an impression, like
money is everything or more status in the society is happiness
or possessing more power will prove your existence in this
world. Illusion comes when we are trapped under body
consciousness which is fulfilling all the desires of this body. The
body is looking to survive and for another human body to
fulfill sensual desires. A body has a name and that name has
status. The name is craving to possess more. For example: lust
for power. You may be an assistant and you are craving to
become manager. That status is an illusion. You will become
manager and then what? You want to become director and this
cycle will keep going on. This is an illusion and you are trapped
under it because you are more focused on the future and the
future is an illusion. Once you get more power then you say “It
feels so good now after reaching this position.” You may not be
aware but that victory is not a victory if you reached those goals
at the cost of your present moments with your loved ones and
at a cost to your self. You loved someone but your ego, which
is an illusion, the non-real you, is playing games and you are
trapped under body consciousness. We even don’t know that
we are trapped under EGO. We keep giving excuses to our
actions and beliefs to believe that we are right. This is a healthy
diet for EGO.
Let us have a little talk on “Human is Unconscious.”
You: I disagree with the statement of the writer that “Human is
Writer: I don’t know what your current circumstances are but,
“Human is Unconscious.” I have one question for you. Do you
agree that you came alone into this world and are going back
alone? This question will help you to understand that you are
just your body and soul. Your entire bank balances and other
material things are an illusion.
If your answer is yes then you are on the other side of
the world where you accept the present as it is and work with it.
If your answer is no then your side of the world is an illusion

Imagine yourself as an angel for a minute. An angel
is a person having qualities generally attributed to an angel, as in beauty,
purity, or kindness. If you bring the picture of an angel into your
mind then you will see a beautiful person with two wings. You
are an angel, an angel with love, peace and purity.
Please don’t underestimate this statement. Vices like
Ego, Lust, Anger, Greed, Possessiveness, and controlling others
has broken your wings.
What does it take to go back to your original state, to
fix those wings that fly back to the path of love, peace and
You need zeal to become pure in actions and
enthusiasm to bring transformation. Start seeing the world with
eyes of peace and love. Start recognizing the existence of
illusion. Look at your actions and see if you are creating sorrow
for yourself and others.
Don’t create sorrow and pain for anyone. Share your
knowledge and help others to reach their goals. Blessings bring
strength and inspiration. Sometimes I look at the carpet…as
though the carpet is the Universe and each thread in the carpet
is a life. Why do we need to take everything personally and start
cursing our own mind, existence and life? Curses are negative
thoughts. These negative thoughts weaken our existence in this
world. A vacuum cleaner comes and takes those loose threads
out of the carpet. A vacuum cleaner is like an unexpected
incident like the loss of a relationship or job and you start
losing control over your mind.

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