Human Being and God

I have to take care of millions of things. I have to call him or her, I have to call my insurance company, I have to pay my bills, I have to attend a conference call, I have to find a partner, I have to go out to meet new people to make new friends, I have no time to sit down and relax because I have to do so many things in such little time. This is HUMAN DOING. Where is HUMAN BEING?
Being is “Be”, “In”.
Be In? What does it mean? I heard Be good, Be Gentle, Be Polite etc., but I never heard “Be In”.
Being is your deepest self. To experience BE IN, you have to stay in the present and focus within. Become still and look inside. There is an inner body.
We see a reflection of our external body when we look in the mirror. Stay there and talk to yourself for few minutes. Try to explore what’s inside of that external body.
There is an Inner body with an Inner world. You are the master of that inner world and your thoughts, impressions and habits are part of your kingdom. As a smart and wise master you are controlling and taking care of all the parts of your kingdom.  One day, something happens like loss of a relationship or an unexpected event, and parts of your kingdom (thoughts) take over the master, and the King is in the prison of mind. Mind is punishing master. The punishment is sorrow, pain, discomfort, stress, confusion.
How did it happen?
Inner body lost its control because of external influences. Master got trapped under the influence of external body an image we see to meet our sensual desires, lust for more power and money. The real you forgot your real identity and allowed the non-real you – EGO – to run your life. The non-real you making all decisions, setting up beliefs and creating pain for you and others.
After my transformation, I was looking for the answer to my question, what is GOD?
I remember early morning when I heard someone playing a flute in my ear and I heard a voice, “father”. I woke up but did not pay much attention to flute sounds and that voice in my bedroom because there might be a case that I was dreaming. I closed my eyes and paid attention to inner voice. “Don’t look outside…Look inside.”
I was quite and still. I found all answers within.
Do you have the same question, what is GOD?
God is within and cannot be created by a thought.
Humans use brains to think and create computers, planes, cars, radios, Internet, phones, and satellites. This all make sense. Question is: Can humans use our brain or mind to create God?
To find answers, I started researching more. A generator cannot create a Creator. Son cannot be father of father. God cannot be created by a thought. Who invented the statue of GOD?
HUMAN, this means there was a thinking process involved.
GOD cannot be created by a thought because thought comes from MIND which belongs to human. GOD is no physical entity.
Question is: what is GOD?
To find the answer of this you have to find time for yourself. Yes, time is stopping you to reveal GOD. You are wasting your time on thinking about past and future. Let’s start a small journey to understand inner voices or feelings or GOD.  Imagine the life of a world traveler. He or she travels all over the world to explore, meet new people, experience a different life. You are a traveler too. You are exploring your inner world. A new city and road occurs whenever you meet a new person or you come across new thoughts and ideas. This is endless. There is no end to your inner world. One new thought creates a new country and city. Once you understand the real essence of BEING you will get the real picture of you. I want you to understand the power and deep meaning of BE IN. Time and Stillness require experiencing your inner world. You will start hearing voices.
Does it sound crazy to you?
The fact is it is not crazy. It is the truth and you have to experience yourself to experience the truth. Rain is wet. It is the truth but you cannot believe it until you touch it. The sun is hot but you can’t experience it until you go out of your air conditioned room and experience the sun rays.
Inner voice, what is it?
This is what you hear when go into the moment of deep silence and become still. You hear voices which lead to the right path. You may not like some voices because they bring out the truth. Deep inside, we all know what is wrong and right, good and bad. We just ignore this under the influence of ego, lust, possessiveness, anger and greed.
You spend hours on the phone with your friends and family. Can you do this favor to yourself?
Please spend at least 15-30 minutes for yourself. Be still and go into deep silence and ask all the questions which you are asking to God while praying. You will get all the answers. It may take a while to experience that. Remember, when you turn on the radio, you set the frequency level to listen to a specific program. It is the same concept in your life. To experience the 2-way communication with God, you must spend time in inner silence. Prayer is one way of communication. You ask or talk to God and then leave the church or temple or mosque. Life goes back to same cycle.
Are you raising a question in your mind that inner voice is GOD?
Yes, GOD is with in you, right there. Start paying attention to inner voices and inner feelings. You can master your life once you start attending inner voices.

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