One of my friends called and started discussing his pain stories. He was blaming his past for everything.
My only response: HUH

After few minutes he said why you are keep using word HUH
His Story:
“He was hurt because his last relationship did not work out. His ex friend left him because he did not pay attention to her words because he thought she really loves him.
He started dating her friend as soon as she left but things got complicated as he was not ready yet for another relationship. Now he is feeling lonely and confuse so he decided to find out what is going on in his life. Why GOD is playing around with him like this”

HUH means confuse. My friend said why you are confused after listing all this. I said I am not. The word HUH = HEAL UR HEART
Don’t jump from one tree to another like monkey, the word tree represents relationships. Heal your heart means try to find out why do you need a relationship at first place and Do you really know what do you want from a relationship. Start spending some time with your self and see if you enjoy it or not. If you don’t then it means you have some home work to do before you jump into the relationship. Find things which you gives you real feeling for joy and happiness. Don’t put conditions on your happiness. Don’t let your mind play around with you, I want some one to touch me, I want some one to……
If you cannot enjoy your own company then how can you expect some one else to enjoy your company…

He said thank you and finished the call 

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