Finding God through Stillness

Finding God through Stillness

            All religions and spiritual organizations have defined God as per their beliefs. Is God something “some thing”? . . . a thing?

            God is no thing. Humans use brains to think and have created things like computers, planes, cars, radios, the Internet, phones, and satellites and this makes sense but can humans use the brain or mind to create God?

 A generator cannot create a creator. A son cannot be a father of his father. God cannot be created by a thought. Who invented the statue of GOD?

            HUMAN, therefore this means somewhere there was a thinking process. GOD cannot be created by a thought because a thought comes from MIND which belongs to a human. GOD is no physical entity.

            You find your own way and that happens when the inner voice becomes more profound than the external voice.

What is the inner voice?

              This is what you hear when go into the moment of deep silence by accessing the power of stillness. You hear voices, which lead to the right path. You may not like some voices because they bring out the truth, and we just ignore this under the influence of ego, lust, possessiveness, anger, greed and desires attached to this body.
              You spend hours on the phone with your friends and family. Can you do the following favor for yourself?

              Please spend at least 15-30 minutes for yourself. Be still and go into a deep silence and ask all the questions which you are asking to the symbols of god, created by another human while praying. You will get all the answers. It may take a while to experience that. Remember, when you turn on the radio, you set the frequency level to listen to a specific program. It is the same concept in your life. To experience the two way communication with God, you must spend time in inner silence. Prayer while worshiping external symbols of God is one way of communication. You do it and then leave the church, temple or mosque. Life goes back to the same cycle.

Are you raising a question in your mind that the inner voice is GOD?

            Yes, GOD is within you, right there. Start paying attention to the inner voices and inner feelings. You can master your life once you start attending to inner voices.

4 thoughts on “Finding God through Stillness

  1. Anonymous

    orrect me if i am wrong but what you are saying in a nutshell is that God as religions would have us believe is a myth created by man (you omitted the part about creating god to explain nature, but ok) and so therefore cannot exist except within ourselves and if we tune our mind away from fox FM and shut the fuck up we might actually hear this inner god speaking to us…?


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