Feeling low …Transform it by connecting to Universe

Feeling low and sometimes it feels that all that spiritual knowledge not helping?

Isn’t boring to keep driving on smooth road after few hours? We feel connected with the car and road when we hit little bumps otherwise you may fall asleep while driving

Feeling low is like a small bump on that road…enjoy it , it may not be pleasant so any more resistance will create more suffering. Remember speed breakers on the road, they are there to slow down the vehicle to avoid accidents. Moments of feeling low is like that speed breaker to create an opportunity to recharge with new energy.

Try to learn something from those moments. It’s time for you to realize the essence of life. Detachment…

It does not mean that you have to give up all relationships etc. It just means connecting yourself to something bigger than you.

I said stay detached & someone did not like the word DETACHED. I said try it out & see how things works in your favor. Connect to the universe, bring (by thinking) love,compassion & peace in your heart & then talk to him or her…Connect to bigger source of energy & handle your relationships…I am telling you it works”

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