Imagine that you are standing in a bank and depositing
cash. Bank robbers come in and steal all the cash from the bank
including the cash you had in your hand. EGO is robbing your
happiness bank every moment you get irritated, frustrated, start
yelling at others, lose your temper and start focusing on
negative or wasteful thoughts. The EGO is a self made robber
because of a lack of knowledge and awareness. The Ego is false
image of you. There are two of you. There is the Real you and
the Non Real you; the Non-Real you is EGO. Your real image
is love, peace, purity, and bliss. But the Non-Real you, your
Ego, is playing a role against these powers as a replica of you,
creating barriers for your happiness.
When you use the word “I” and attach words like, “I
did this, I am this, I control this and I have a feeling of power,
of changing and of controlling others,” this “I” is the duplicate
of you, with a desire to possess more and more. This is raising a
question, “Who am I for real?” And the answer is, “You are not
only your body, which I call a “meat suit” or “costume.” You
are energy; I call this SOUL, which is full of bliss, purity, love
and peace. EGO exists in various forms.

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