Ego and Relationships

A simple point to talk about “why we all are or most of us struggling with relationships?” The simple answer is EGO…this false image likes to create drama to get attention…drama brings jealousy, possessiveness and 1 day…the ship of relationship sinks down with the load of EGO…recognize it & help yourself by paying attention on who is acting into the relationship “real you : Love” “non real is ego”

**extract from Transformation**

Relationships are meant to be the most beautiful part of human life, but unfortunately, it is the most complicated one. In one word the reason is “EGO.” If you break the word Relationship as “Real I on Ship” and Ship will sink one day if you are traveling with the load of EGO. Most of the time, we are not aware that the insect of EGO is there and eating our relationships.

“For God Sake… Can you stop with this nonsense? Can you stop doubting me? Can you stop blaming me for everything? Will you please give me my space? PLEASE LET ME BREATHE.

Sometimes, it feels as if I am stuck in a cage.” Is this your story, do you really think this is LOVE?

Humans need attention. They need to feel special, and they need someone else to help them to understand how important they are in this world. Sometimes we have EGO but we don’t know it or maybe we don’t know the different forms of EGO. Human EGO wants a relationship; this feeling comes from the Mind.

Remember “True love is far beyond the Mind.”

Do you feel over protective about your partner?
Over protection is a nice excuse to hide possessiveness. You may be thinking, what is he talking about?
I love my partner. If you do, then why are there so many complications?

Are you in a relationship to feed your EGO? What do you mean “feed your ego?”

There are a few things which you cannot put into words. After all this knowledge of Ego you should use your brain to find out what is happening in your relationship and why you are in a relationship.

Do you know the difference between being lonely and single? Are you in a relationship because you don’t want to be single?

YES: you have answers to all of your questions… maybe the relationship is based on fears.
NO: let us move to the next question

Are you judging your partner?
No: Very nice.
Yes: Why? Don’t you like your partner? “Hmm… I don’t know.”

OK, then the answer is yes, so you don’t like your partner.
Then why are you in a relationship?

Do you have the strength to accept your partner as he or she is?
Yes: Good. Happy Married life!

No: It is time to spend more time in your own company to find out what it is exactly you want in a relationship.

Do you doubt and feel insecure about your partner?
No: Good.
Yes: Why? Is there a trust or compatibility issue? She or he is an extrovert and you are an introvert or vice versa. Here is the conclusion: Clean your house first before you point your finger at somebody’s house.

EGO: Eat and GO means…

EAT and Digest your Ego for always and then jump on the ship.

Question: What if I am on the ship already with EGO?

Clear communication on the issues helps a lot. There are cases when partners are not communicating at the same frequency. He or she is trying to say something but you don’t want to listen or you don’t like whatever he or she is saying or you only hear that part which you want to hear.“I was not talking to him or her. I never said anything to him or her.

He or she called.” You wanted to hear the word call and here you go. You start making a huge deal of “calling.” EGO says how he or she can attend that call. I told him or her to stop interacting with that person. As we have discussed already freedom is very important in your relationship. You can use this knowledge to analyze your situation and you can see who is running your ship. Is that the Real you or Ego?

You won’t be able to survive with Ego. The ship is going to sink sooner or later. Self love is very important to save that ship. If you really want love, then first love yourself and let go of your EGO.


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