Don’t forget to say Thanks when he or she says GOOD BYE


Past is Past, Present is Present and of course, future is future

Couple fight going on, blaming each other. You did this to me and I told you that don’t do it. You lie to me. I am hurt.

After few days, same scenario and this time , a big explosion from both side. I am tired of this. I don’t want all this in my life. I need a change. I am done…..but, nothing happens, relationship still going on.

After few days, one of them decided to break up and move on.

Don’t forget to say a big thank you when he or she comes to you to say it’s all over and we are done. You may try to stop this but if you think that there is no true love; don’t try to stop because of fear of getting hurt or finding a new partner or loneliness.

That’s a precious GIFT, he or she is giving you. Accept and Let it go.

I hope you got the essence of this note.


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