Changing my self

I was thinking…

There are people who always would like to change you, so they can feel better by them self. After a while with people around me who 24/7 was telling me to behave and act like this and that…I resigned.

I felt confused because I was not good enough out here…So I meditated and till my pleasant surprise I got this message: You do not have to change your self.

What a relief. I’m actually good enough inside me, Yohooo

So what I learned from this….Don’t let anyone change you unless you ask for it, Do not change others…its our own mess we see out there. The mess is a recognition of our feelings, like pain, produced by thought…

So Instead of changing that feeling labeled “pain”, observe it…and let God or the Higher power to take care of the transformation….

As Mooji says:

To change the world is not your business.

To change your self is not your duty.

To awaken to your true nature, is your opportunity.

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