Why do I need to change? My beliefs are strong.

We don’t change because of lack of knowledge or ignorance. We all know whats wrong and right…In case you don’t then start thinking about it.How to start thinking?

Don’t run the train of your mind. Go into deep silence the focus on your pain. You will get all the answers.

Ignorance: I don’t care if my lust for human body or power is causing any pain. I want my success or desires fulfilled.

Lack of knowledge: Your beliefs are strong but who validated that? You and You only but you are still in pain.

Ask one question, Why am I in pain?

Don’t try to find any answer right away because your answer will be based on blaming other human being , may be a friend, husband or wife.

If you are in emotional pain, confuse and stressing out over a relationship or life then this is your call. There is need for transformation.

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