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Fathers Day

Happy fathers Day (:

This is for those dads who behaves like macho man with kids

Hug and kiss your kids

Start telling your kids that you love them so much ” I love you ”
Find time to take kids out for walks , bike rides etc

Never take out your frustration on your kids

Be a great role model


God …Why Are You doing this?

“God, why are you doing this to me?” he asked.  “What did I do wrong? Help me please…”


He decided to visit a temple again and spent a few hours praying but God was not there. He came back and sat down; tears streaming down his face. He kept crying and after a couple of hours, he heard a voice saying, “Voice of Silence.” Stillness speaks, and brings out the truth.


He found his answers. Suffering, pain and stress were present because of beliefs he had created. He suffered because he tried to change

people around him. He suffered because he made decisions based on fear. He lived his life with conflict because he chased should ideas and lost all of his present moments.

Why is Transformation a must? Why do you need to wake up?


Power OF Stillness