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Fire of True Love

Fire of true love burns all the hate, jealousy, anger, resistance, ego, pride & all those who you have or had in your current or past relationship.

How to ignite?

Realize the truth that you have this life to love & give. Let’s say angel of death is here & says, you have 2 minutes to live…What would you do in those 2 minutes?

This is truth of life…Love & Death …

If you are in a suffering relationship and still wants to work it out then stay in line with the feeling of love…Keep reminding yourself on the power of TRUE LOVE….Fire of TRUE LOVE .

If you are single & wants to have a beautiful relationship then start practicing now , TRUE LOVE…

Conscious thinking & Calm attitude …Communication with no ego & pride…
TRUE LOVE is genuine feeling of love…If its really true ( love) then all the ego , pride,jealousy & so on will burn into fire of true love…

Enjoy NOW ♥

Love relationships

People says love relationships are so complicated ….Yes….they are if
you carry the load of ego & pride with you on the ship…Ship will
sink or even won’t start so drop that load & enjoy the ride…Love

brings a major transformation as it comes with courage, strength, joy

& feeling of oneness….I am talking about …true Love :)