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Fantasy and Love








Love is lot of work vs fantasy

Love is or true love is
Genuine kindness
Not holding on to grudges

Fire of True Love

Fire of true love burns all the hate, jealousy, anger, resistance, ego, pride & all those who you have or had in your current or past relationship.

How to ignite?

Realize the truth that you have this life to love & give. Let’s say angel of death is here & says, you have 2 minutes to live…What would you do in those 2 minutes?

This is truth of life…Love & Death …

If you are in a suffering relationship and still wants to work it out then stay in line with the feeling of love…Keep reminding yourself on the power of TRUE LOVE….Fire of TRUE LOVE .

If you are single & wants to have a beautiful relationship then start practicing now , TRUE LOVE…

Conscious thinking & Calm attitude …Communication with no ego & pride…
TRUE LOVE is genuine feeling of love…If its really true ( love) then all the ego , pride,jealousy & so on will burn into fire of true love…

Enjoy NOW ♥

Happiness is with in you

Is this you?

Give me money & I will be happy…
Give me more power & I will be happy…
Make my successful & I will be happy….
Being fame & I will be happy…

You are asking with the intention of something you have it already….Ask all the above with intention to serve….
Happiness is with in you….Above fulfillment will bring pleasure not happiness

Love relationships

People says love relationships are so complicated ….Yes….they are if
you carry the load of ego & pride with you on the ship…Ship will
sink or even won’t start so drop that load & enjoy the ride…Love

brings a major transformation as it comes with courage, strength, joy

& feeling of oneness….I am talking about …true Love :)

Hurt vs. Healed heart

 Hurt Heart says :

People take me granted. Love hurts. Love gives pain. I am  fine as single. 
I don’t need a relationship as I don’t want to report someone, 
I don’t want someone keep asking where are you going and when are you coming back and so on. 
Its so difficult to deal with people. Basically, there is a fear of getting HURT again

Healed Heart says: 

I see love every where. There is no separation as there is realization of unconditional love. 
Psychologically, I am  free and have found higher purpose in life, no more my car, my money and so on , no more cravings.
 A mother never asked her children to give her reasons of loving her then why do we ask in our relationships and specially romantic relationships?
We want security so those reasons gives her a feeling the way a religious person seek salvation from his or her God created by his or her system

You HAVE to face the fears, let healing happen by surrendering to NOW and Universe. 

Free yourself from the past experiences & create a wonderful NOW by dropping all the negativity.

Recognize dirty laundry sitting in your head in the form of dirty thoughts. Wash it with the power of stillness. Don’t try to achieve it by Mind.

Conflict…heart vs. Mind

Conflict; there are moments when we feel conflict between heart and mind. You can recognize this conflict once you pay attention to feelings.

Heart says yes but suddenly, a feeling comes in which say, No, give more time. Heart is telling you to do it but Mind has become strong over last many years so you are afraid to listen to heart.

Why is there conflict?

What is stopping to follow heart?

We have past experiences, memories and impressions. We are afraid to  love because of fear of getting hurt.

Act from heart in the favor love, compassion, kindness, joy and integrity.

Pause here for few seconds and pay deep attention to these words


Breathe in and out and try to investigate where do you stand…

Love, and you will be loved.

tricks of MIND and suffering for heart

why does the heart play such cruel tricks… or is it the mind? To fall in love with people who don’t feel it back. And to have people you don’t want to be with be in love with you….. how to find the equal balance … to find the person who sees who you are, and you them, at the Right Time….. it’s a big question I know

Personal Transformation of HUMAN MIND is a must. You are that human, I am that Human….

We suffer on the name of LOVE, a rule book created by others, and we learned tricks of Mind to play around with the feelings….

Heart says, I am in love but Mind is stopping disclosing the feelings. It all goes back to EGO and Freedom from that rule book.

Equal balance comes from the realization on the drama of life and detachment. In my word, detachment is not about letting go of relationships and become a monk. It’s about living life with freedom.

Let’s try to find the answer of few questions:

a) what stops us to love unconditionally?

b) what stops us to take the first step to disclose feelings to him or her?

c) what stops us to not to follow a rule book and live from the heart? Following heart does not mean that you go and hurt someone. Following your heart in favor of humanity, kindness, love, peace and so on

You don’t want to look desperate to him or  her so you decide to keep the distance as defined in a rule book.

You suffer may be a little, another person waiting on you, and you are waiting on  him or her and then one day it all over. You regret for whole life. Your Pride is bigger than your happiness that’s why you’re suffering.

Approach him or her with freedom, disclose your feelings with love, and if you don’t get what you want then try to realize that it’s all accurate. Sometimes there is insecurity or fear of not finding the person with the same look or qualities, and we start suffering because of unconscious thoughts.

Don’t fall in life because he or she did not allow you to enter in his or her life. Don’t let another human waste your life. Pay attention to emotions as its energetic motion and results in reactions.

I use following to live.

“any action taken with love will never let you down. Never ever take any action based on fear” ~Neeraj

” I won’t use others to suffer or get hurt. I take no sorrow and give no sorrow” ~Neeraj

“Silence is a language of GOD, rest is a poor translation” – RUMI

You can find balance if you understand the essence of above 3 quotes.

understanding the level of LOVE

This statement is cotradicting with the truth of SOUL, I am Love but not everyone understands the profound realization of “I am Love”

Understanding the level of love in practical life when you are dealing with others and specially with someone who is lost ( living unconsciously, finding happiness in money or possessions , playing around with other humans to fulfill sensual desires and so on )

What will be his or her reaction when you say , I am Love and I see Love everwhere so I Love you. He or She will think that you are crazy :-)

You may find it challenging when you try to bring him or her on the level of realization of it.

This note for one of those people who still trying to understand LOVE from mind. SOUL is feeling the love but mind says , No, there is no need to let him or her know about it. Mind wants to play a game to create more drama as EGO likes drama.

Remember that at the end,  SOUL will take actions from heart but after many series of the same drama. The way we come back home after long day and relax, in the same way, SOUL has to come back home of Love to bring sufferings to end.

You try to understand the message now before it gets too late. Take actions and let him or her know about your feelings. Don’t get trap under mind noise.