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Addiction in relationship




Hurt vs. Healed heart

 Hurt Heart says :

People take me granted. Love hurts. Love gives pain. I am  fine as single. 
I don’t need a relationship as I don’t want to report someone, 
I don’t want someone keep asking where are you going and when are you coming back and so on. 
Its so difficult to deal with people. Basically, there is a fear of getting HURT again

Healed Heart says: 

I see love every where. There is no separation as there is realization of unconditional love. 
Psychologically, I am  free and have found higher purpose in life, no more my car, my money and so on , no more cravings.
 A mother never asked her children to give her reasons of loving her then why do we ask in our relationships and specially romantic relationships?
We want security so those reasons gives her a feeling the way a religious person seek salvation from his or her God created by his or her system

You HAVE to face the fears, let healing happen by surrendering to NOW and Universe. 

Free yourself from the past experiences & create a wonderful NOW by dropping all the negativity.

Recognize dirty laundry sitting in your head in the form of dirty thoughts. Wash it with the power of stillness. Don’t try to achieve it by Mind.