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Addiction in relationship




understanding the level of LOVE

This statement is cotradicting with the truth of SOUL, I am Love but not everyone understands the profound realization of “I am Love”

Understanding the level of love in practical life when you are dealing with others and specially with someone who is lost ( living unconsciously, finding happiness in money or possessions , playing around with other humans to fulfill sensual desires and so on )

What will be his or her reaction when you say , I am Love and I see Love everwhere so I Love you. He or She will think that you are crazy :-)

You may find it challenging when you try to bring him or her on the level of realization of it.

This note for one of those people who still trying to understand LOVE from mind. SOUL is feeling the love but mind says , No, there is no need to let him or her know about it. Mind wants to play a game to create more drama as EGO likes drama.

Remember that at the end,  SOUL will take actions from heart but after many series of the same drama. The way we come back home after long day and relax, in the same way, SOUL has to come back home of Love to bring sufferings to end.

You try to understand the message now before it gets too late. Take actions and let him or her know about your feelings. Don’t get trap under mind noise.