5 minutes..Your Thoughts on World peace

We all talk about Law of Attraction and try to use it to get better job, relationship, money, status….Why can’t we use this to bring war to end?

We can and I am doing it. I spend few minutes and talk to universe to shower whole planet with LOVE and PEACE.

Imagine yourself somewhere in Cosmo and looking at the planet EARTH…Now bring thoughts of peace and love and imagine that whole earth is getting shower from your thoughts on peace and love….

2 thoughts on “5 minutes..Your Thoughts on World peace

  1. Anonymous

    Does it matter if one is a vegetarian or not, which I am; and does it matter if one is alone or with another?

  2. Neeraj Sabharwal

    If we think on the basis of chemistry then it does but for me I was but not anymore. I used to drink but after spiritual birth no more alcohol

    We are here to live life fully. If you find someone you really love then why to choose being alone…

    Any action taken with love will never let you down. Never ever take action based on fear


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