Monthly Archives: November 2010

Wakeup Call Widgets

I ask you to feel the real need to
read these words. You won’t be able to
feel the energy behind these words if you
are not in the right state of mind.
We all remember GOD, but there
is a moment when GOD remembers us.
You go to a temple, church,
mosque or other religious place to pray.
You remember GOD and pray to Him to
help you to get out of pain, sorrow and
other complications in your life. Do you
hear anything back?
You feel relaxed and at peace for
a few moments, but life goes back into
the same cycle of pain once you get back
home and get back into your daily
Please take a moment for
yourself, breathe in and breathe out.
Keep doing this until you feel the
lightness in your breathing and body.
Read these lines with 100% presence.
“Life goes in a circle. You go to
school, college, and meet someone
special, lose someone special, and life is
still going on.
You achieve your goals then you
set new goals. You are happy for a few
moments after achieving some goals and
then life goes back into the same cycle.
You keep blaming others or
GOD for all of your pain and suffering.
You are confused because you think you
have strong beliefs, but you are still in
There is a moment in life when
you wake up and ask yourself, “Why am I
in this world?” Accept that you are in
pain. I am not talking about physical
pain. It’s emotional pain. You feel
trapped in a cycle of sorrow and pain.
Don’t resist pain and suffering at
this stage, and don’t resist your tears if
they are ready to come out, because this
is going to be the last time. You will be
ready to experience a new life after
reading this book.
You are on your way to break this
cycle of pain and sufferings.
Life is what you make of it.
Everyone is looking for happiness. You
cannot be happy if you are trapped under
your EGO and carrying a load of fears,
like the fear of loneliness or of being
single or of dying alone.
Life is not complicated. We
make it complicated by focusing too
much on the past and future.