Monthly Archives: August 2010


Ask for the power to become wise
Ask for the power to help others to realize that how harmful is the greed
Ask for the power to understand your own weaknesses and transform it to strengths
Ask for the power to change yourself
Pray to realize the quality of their actions for those who are using human to posses more money , power

believe …

interesting story to share:

Jasmine (my 4 yr old) asked for a balloon. I asked her “do you think you will get it?” she
said ..hmm…I think I won’t as you are going to say NO. I smiled and said sure, her you have NOShe looked at me & I was smiling. I said, believe in your heart then ask me :)


after few hours : she said , Dad I want a balloon and now I know I will have it.
Are you sure, I asked?
She said…yes
She had a balloon after couple of hours & she said , Now I know how to get stuff :)