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we think that things are happening because things just happens or we call it coincidence ….There is a connection with every person you are meeting in your life….Remember a wonderful truth shared by Einstein

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

Smile and Love :)

Happiness is with in you

Is this you?

Give me money & I will be happy…
Give me more power & I will be happy…
Make my successful & I will be happy….
Being fame & I will be happy…

You are asking with the intention of something you have it already….Ask all the above with intention to serve….
Happiness is with in you….Above fulfillment will bring pleasure not happiness

Love relationships

People says love relationships are so complicated ….Yes….they are if
you carry the load of ego & pride with you on the ship…Ship will
sink or even won’t start so drop that load & enjoy the ride…Love

brings a major transformation as it comes with courage, strength, joy

& feeling of oneness….I am talking about …true Love :)

love you…Oneness

 love you…I know it because my heart beat goes up when I see you
Your picture make me smile
You are in my heart and thoughts whole day
I close my eyes & bring your image ….I see and feels
You are me and I am you ♥


Suffering is a gift as it brings opportunity to realize the truth of life….detachment & unconditional love
stay attached with the world, people and so on but deep inside you know the truth :)

I am talking about psychological suffering. 
We suffer because of resistance, try to change others, jealousy , possessiveness, anger and so on ….

Accept and say Yes to NOW

Its time for you…

Its time for you to pause and access inner world when:

You have no idea whats going on in your life
You have no idea why people are so difficult
You have no idea why he or she left you
You have idea that there is something inside you shouting at you to get your attention

 That’s your wake up call….You may ignore it if you have access to lots of friends and family
In case you are alone then there is no choice except paying attention to it
Stay in touch with that inner voice & stillness then you become Buddha ..awakened one