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Story of Love and Profound realization

A guy sees a beautiful girl but holding on the emotions. He is afraid of love. He does not want to get hurt. After few months, he gets a chance to meet that girl.

He did not say anything to the girl. After 2 months, he realized that he is in love & this time. He is not afraid. There is no feeling to possess. He decided to go ahead and shared his feelings with her. She listened and said, we are good friends.  She was all calm.

Guy felt free.He shared his feeling and found freedom.

Now,  there were moments when he wanted to know how she feels about him but no words from the girl.

One day, he was laying down thinking about her. Suddenly, he realized something very important. The message he understood was:


At Soul level, that soul is interacting with this soul to help him come out of the fear of getting hurt. He could  open his heart again and ready to love. She played her role already. Now question comes to emotions.

He wants to love her, give her joy and happiness. He wants to hold her and enjoy every moment with her.
Another truth he realized, True Love always come back home so he decided not to suffer in case she does not love her back. He loves her and that love will make him more strong day by day. This is true love. Is it easy?

Yes or No…you have to find it out

water filter & you

We use water filter to filter contaminants and end result is clean water

Use your company , stillness and talk to your self…go for a walk or find time for yourself..Just you, your life, your stories, your complaints..Just you…you will see truth & then start dropping all dirty thoughts..negativity…remains ..clean water which is you

if you want fast healing then start helping other with no expectations of fruit..selfless action

Help others to grow and you can do it once you help yourself…You can do it…Trust me…you just need to talk to yourself…

Hurt vs. Healed heart

 Hurt Heart says :

People take me granted. Love hurts. Love gives pain. I am  fine as single. 
I don’t need a relationship as I don’t want to report someone, 
I don’t want someone keep asking where are you going and when are you coming back and so on. 
Its so difficult to deal with people. Basically, there is a fear of getting HURT again

Healed Heart says: 

I see love every where. There is no separation as there is realization of unconditional love. 
Psychologically, I am  free and have found higher purpose in life, no more my car, my money and so on , no more cravings.
 A mother never asked her children to give her reasons of loving her then why do we ask in our relationships and specially romantic relationships?
We want security so those reasons gives her a feeling the way a religious person seek salvation from his or her God created by his or her system

You HAVE to face the fears, let healing happen by surrendering to NOW and Universe. 

Free yourself from the past experiences & create a wonderful NOW by dropping all the negativity.

Recognize dirty laundry sitting in your head in the form of dirty thoughts. Wash it with the power of stillness. Don’t try to achieve it by Mind.

Soul and Mind Games

We can understand the mind games with the following example:

To play a football game we need a field and 2 teams

Field : Mind
Team A:
Sanskars or Impressions ( Players : Habits, Memories, Beliefs, Instincts)
Team B:
Intellect ( Players: Will-Power, Judgment, Decision, Discrimination)
Team A is always winning the game so Team B is just giving up to let Team A win as Team is a known winner. Team B get weakens when every time Team A scores the goal. This is our SANSKARS (Team A) that we are not happy and so stressed out in our life. We let our past ruin our present or we keep worrying about future.

We need to support TEAM B to have a beautiful life. The best way to support TEAM B is to have knowledge and Wisdom on SOUL.

Analyze your thoughts, Have power, knowledge and wisdom to “DETACH” yourself from waste thoughts.

Leave “Body Consciousness” : for a moment, forget your name ,status, gender , anything related to your body.

Focus on your “SOUL” , an energy , locate it in the middle of your forehead. SOUL is the driver of your body. Detach your mind/soul from your body and this world then let it talk to Supreme Soul. Supreme SOUL is not a human body or physical attribute.
SUPREME SOUL is Father of your SOUL. Think like this: When you see a new born or a growing baby, we say ” Aww…she or he is so innocent” …Innocence comes from PURITY.
Supreme SOUL is like a power house and our SOUL is like a battery. When you are stressed or hurt or not able to understand what’s next then that’s the time to recharge your battery. Generally, We take naps or do other activities to distract our mind but that’s temporary.
Elevate yourself to attach your SOUL to POWER HOUSE :)

Ask yourself few questions:
What is SOUL?
What is Body Consciousness?
What is SOUL Consciousness?
What is the difference between SOUL and BODY Consciousness?
How to elevate ourselves to reach SOUL Consciousness stage?


You & Me

I smile when I look at your pic
I feel butterflies when I look into your eyes
I get goose bumps when you say I love you
My SOUL feels free when you touch me and ask me to let’s Go
I still feel free when you leave me , I see no fears & feeling of possessing something
I feel , I am always at home ….You ask me what does it mean & I say…I am Love