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People do change & that’s Transformation

I would like to share my personal experience on transformation. I was not aware of the difference between religion and spirituality. I used to go to temple every day because I saw my family go. I used to visit religious places like temples and places for meeting saints. I knew that I had a
strong will power and determination. I was under the impression that my beliefs are as strong as my will power. “I have no ego,” is still one of my favorite lines, because I have always thought being humble, gentle and down to Earth means you have no ego. I have made strong efforts to achieve my aims
and goals. God creates our destiny, so go with the flow and with your feelings; this was one of my strong beliefs. I had no knowledge on the thinking process. I thought thinking is good for the brain, as it is like an exercise.

There were a few ups and downs in my relationships.My inner voice, which I was not aware of, used to ask me “Do you know why you are in this world?” I never paid any attention to this question, because I didn’t realize the voice was talking to me. I had a feeling that there was something that was going to happen in my life, but I was not aware of what. A few months after my twenty-ninth birthday, I woke up one morning around 3:00 am and started looking at a wall. I realized how I had wasted my time in the last several years chasing illusions,which were money and more status. I listened to a voice in my head and I broke the bondage with others who were not important at all in my life and I was with them because of my desires. I decided to break that circle. Tears were coming out and I asked one question. Why I am here and what is my purpose in this world?

One of my friends sent me spiritual material to listen to. I spent the next few days listening to those spiritual texts. After a few days, I came in touch with a spiritual teacher who helped me to understand my real identity. I had no knowledge about the energy in this costume which is our body. I started
spending more time in deep silence and meditation. After a few days, while sitting in deep silence, I felt an itch and also vibrations on the top of my head. I opened my eyes and looked at the same wall. I saw the real beauty of that wall and other things around me. The next day, I heard, “I am giving you three
things: knowledge, wisdom and energy, and your project is Service.” I started paying attention to spiritual teachers and churning their words. I was spending more time in solitude and listening to spiritual texts. I started writing notes and sharing my knowledge with others. I did more research on vibrations
felt during meditation and found that with divine energy there is cosmic energy. I felt a drastic change in my life. I broke the cycle of confusion and complications. I realized how the mind plays with our body and how we have become each a slave to the mind. I started accepting the present moment as it is instead
of resisting it.

I hope this book and my words will help others to understand the purpose of their existence in this world and help them to feel the cosmic energy while in meditation

Transformation: Knowledge, Meditation & Wisdom

Conflict…heart vs. Mind

Conflict; there are moments when we feel conflict between heart and mind. You can recognize this conflict once you pay attention to feelings.

Heart says yes but suddenly, a feeling comes in which say, No, give more time. Heart is telling you to do it but Mind has become strong over last many years so you are afraid to listen to heart.

Why is there conflict?

What is stopping to follow heart?

We have past experiences, memories and impressions. We are afraid to  love because of fear of getting hurt.

Act from heart in the favor love, compassion, kindness, joy and integrity.

Pause here for few seconds and pay deep attention to these words


Breathe in and out and try to investigate where do you stand…

Love, and you will be loved.


Imagine that you are standing in a bank and depositing
cash. Bank robbers come in and steal all the cash from the bank
including the cash you had in your hand. EGO is robbing your
happiness bank every moment you get irritated, frustrated, start
yelling at others, lose your temper and start focusing on
negative or wasteful thoughts. The EGO is a self made robber
because of a lack of knowledge and awareness. The Ego is false
image of you. There are two of you. There is the Real you and
the Non Real you; the Non-Real you is EGO. Your real image
is love, peace, purity, and bliss. But the Non-Real you, your
Ego, is playing a role against these powers as a replica of you,
creating barriers for your happiness.
When you use the word “I” and attach words like, “I
did this, I am this, I control this and I have a feeling of power,
of changing and of controlling others,” this “I” is the duplicate
of you, with a desire to possess more and more. This is raising a
question, “Who am I for real?” And the answer is, “You are not
only your body, which I call a “meat suit” or “costume.” You
are energy; I call this SOUL, which is full of bliss, purity, love
and peace. EGO exists in various forms.


You can put a bird in a cage but you cannot do the same for a human. Have you seen termites attack wood?
Possessiveness makes us jealously opposed to the personal independence of our partners and this eats away at a relationship the way a termite attacks wood. Most of the time we don’t know that we are possessive and controlling others.

We try to impose our beliefs on others. We try to prove that he or she is wrong. Are you always worried where he or she is?
Are you always looking for an opportunity to track him or her?
You may call it over protection but it is really possessiveness. Over protection exists for kids, not for normal
adults. Give your partner space and respect each other’s privacy. Awareness of possessiveness is a challenge.

Analyze your thoughts and actions; don’t resist any negative inner voice or feeling. Analyze it and use the brain to check why it is there in the first place. True love does not come with possessiveness

Transformation: Knowledge, Meditation & Wisdom

5 minutes..Your Thoughts on World peace

We all talk about Law of Attraction and try to use it to get better job, relationship, money, status….Why can’t we use this to bring war to end?

We can and I am doing it. I spend few minutes and talk to universe to shower whole planet with LOVE and PEACE.

Imagine yourself somewhere in Cosmo and looking at the planet EARTH…Now bring thoughts of peace and love and imagine that whole earth is getting shower from your thoughts on peace and love….

Testing others…

There was a guy like me or you ( in case you are male)

Always testing people based on his point of views directly or indirectly. In case people got mad or did not like his comments, then he used to say ” Oh..I was just joking”

He tested his first love, all friends and then life partner….Always creating situations to see how people going to react…

One of his girlfriends tried to help him to understand his nature, but he thought she is just like others blaming him. He ended up losing all of his friends and finally realized that how difficult he was, but he raised a profound question “Why? ….Why he was kept doing this…testing close one , those who really did love him”

He had insecurities …He tested all friends and people who did love him to see if they really love him or not. He took them to the limit.

He thought he can read people like psychic and problem was he was getting what he was thinking so he thought he is psychic ….

Are you that personality as shared above? If yes then, please try to learn something before you lose who really loves you from the heart.

Change yourself instead of testing other’s patience and love…

tricks of MIND and suffering for heart

why does the heart play such cruel tricks… or is it the mind? To fall in love with people who don’t feel it back. And to have people you don’t want to be with be in love with you….. how to find the equal balance … to find the person who sees who you are, and you them, at the Right Time….. it’s a big question I know

Personal Transformation of HUMAN MIND is a must. You are that human, I am that Human….

We suffer on the name of LOVE, a rule book created by others, and we learned tricks of Mind to play around with the feelings….

Heart says, I am in love but Mind is stopping disclosing the feelings. It all goes back to EGO and Freedom from that rule book.

Equal balance comes from the realization on the drama of life and detachment. In my word, detachment is not about letting go of relationships and become a monk. It’s about living life with freedom.

Let’s try to find the answer of few questions:

a) what stops us to love unconditionally?

b) what stops us to take the first step to disclose feelings to him or her?

c) what stops us to not to follow a rule book and live from the heart? Following heart does not mean that you go and hurt someone. Following your heart in favor of humanity, kindness, love, peace and so on

You don’t want to look desperate to him or  her so you decide to keep the distance as defined in a rule book.

You suffer may be a little, another person waiting on you, and you are waiting on  him or her and then one day it all over. You regret for whole life. Your Pride is bigger than your happiness that’s why you’re suffering.

Approach him or her with freedom, disclose your feelings with love, and if you don’t get what you want then try to realize that it’s all accurate. Sometimes there is insecurity or fear of not finding the person with the same look or qualities, and we start suffering because of unconscious thoughts.

Don’t fall in life because he or she did not allow you to enter in his or her life. Don’t let another human waste your life. Pay attention to emotions as its energetic motion and results in reactions.

I use following to live.

“any action taken with love will never let you down. Never ever take any action based on fear” ~Neeraj

” I won’t use others to suffer or get hurt. I take no sorrow and give no sorrow” ~Neeraj

“Silence is a language of GOD, rest is a poor translation” – RUMI

You can find balance if you understand the essence of above 3 quotes.

wonderful book…Four Agreements

The Four Agreements are:

1. Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

3. Don’t Make Assumptions
Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

4. Always Do Your Best
Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.

understanding the level of LOVE

This statement is cotradicting with the truth of SOUL, I am Love but not everyone understands the profound realization of “I am Love”

Understanding the level of love in practical life when you are dealing with others and specially with someone who is lost ( living unconsciously, finding happiness in money or possessions , playing around with other humans to fulfill sensual desires and so on )

What will be his or her reaction when you say , I am Love and I see Love everwhere so I Love you. He or She will think that you are crazy :-)

You may find it challenging when you try to bring him or her on the level of realization of it.

This note for one of those people who still trying to understand LOVE from mind. SOUL is feeling the love but mind says , No, there is no need to let him or her know about it. Mind wants to play a game to create more drama as EGO likes drama.

Remember that at the end,  SOUL will take actions from heart but after many series of the same drama. The way we come back home after long day and relax, in the same way, SOUL has to come back home of Love to bring sufferings to end.

You try to understand the message now before it gets too late. Take actions and let him or her know about your feelings. Don’t get trap under mind noise.