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Someone asked me What are you churning today? I was quite and said nothing. She said..hmm…

I left the moment of emptiness for few seconds and thought about her question. I had no thought at that moment.
It is like a body sitting still and feels like there is some one talking but you are hearing not listening because your are in the moment of EMPTINESS, when you are empty. In good way it means you are fully conscious. You are not chasing future while holding the hand of past. You are here…here in the present moment.

Past knocked the door of present. Present opened the door and shocked to see past. Present goes into EMPTINESS after the flash of few past moments.

Present and Past sitting next to each other and chit chat going on. Emptiness is still there. There is physical distance between past and present. Past and Present cannot be together because when past merge with present then there is no past, its present.

Present is hearing Past…Emptiness is there.

Present said..ok ..this is it…Present broke the emptiness….looked back…everything was impure,lie,meaning less…..Present is not blaming on Past because Present knows that Both were unconscious in the past.

Present looked at the present which is past sitting right there. Present noticed that past is still under illusion and crying out loud to fulfill desires.

Past asked Present…You don’t love me anymore..Let’s go back..
Present decides to go back into emptiness which means…
Present opens the door and helps past to leave…..Past is gone but while leaving Past realized something very important and present played important role too.

“Enlightenment” Past heard this word from Present.


Your Own Company and Your Relationship

Your are  having a terrible relationship. You are  really tired of this circle of relationships,confusion and stress. Why relationships become so complicated after honey moon period?

Those are the questions we have in our mind.

Questions should be:

How do you feel in my own company?

Do you like to spend time alone with me?

Are you going into relationship to cover loneliness?

Are you going into relationship to fulfill my desires?

Are you  going into relationship for happiness?

Are you  ready to accept people as they are?

Are you  ready to accept my partner freedom?

Am I real me or my EGO?


How long will it take to find the truth? Please do not dependent on others to know the truth.

You have to find by yourself because I may lie to you and other may do the same. I am saying something based on my experience and if you start following that then there will be always doubt whether its true or not.

How to find truth?

Stillness will help you to find truth. You think you know who you are but that’s not truth. You can see real you when you able to become still.


Suffering World and World Transformer

You are in your own world.You are in pain and sorrow but you think it’s not because of you. You are blaming others.He or She giving you pain.You go out tell your story to others. Have you ever asked why do you do that?

Deep inside, you are looking for attention by sympathy. You don’t like people who don’t listen to your suffering story and you call them rude or arrogant.

How hard is it for you to stop this and move on with positive thoughts and life?

You are not happy with your current situations because your partner is not paying attention to you.
You are sticking to your current situation because of fear of loneliness or being single or other reasons based on fear.

One day, it is going to break …either you will break the circle or your partner will.

Suffering World: Bunch of human doing sharing their stories and start loving each other because they are giving attention to each other.
Stories full of past, pain, negativity and gossips. Sometimes, we are not aware where we belong and we keep running our life in this world.

One voice comes out…I HAD ENOUGH….What’s going on here?

That voice guides you to start your journey and you come at the border between Sorrow world and Blissful world.

World Transformer is sitting at the border to hold your hand to help you to cross the border and you join the world with other to experience Bliss.