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Power of Stillness…Book Acknowledgement

To write any book involves the help from many people. It’s a journey and
sometimes it brings the sacrifice of your personal time, and you accept it because
you have the desire in your heart to share your message with the world and help
others to know your experience so that they should not make same mistakes
which you did. Sharing is caring and caring is love.

I would like to thank my daughter for her inspiring me to write this book.
There was a series of events during which she gave me signs to let go of fears and
achieve freedom. Her questions concerning my actions helped me to understand
the origin of those actions.

My editor, Charalotte Fairchild made a wonderful contribution to this
project by sharing her time and love.

Secondly,I thank all those who were involved in these series of events where I learned how religious and spiritual authorities are controlling our human birth right, which is freedom.

I am thankful to all my friends who asked me questions, commented on
my messages and helped me to look more inward to find answers of questions asked,
which resulted in more learning.

Thanks Monica Reberg, Jaanvi Mehta and Will Martin for helping me on
the proof read.

My deep appreciation to Jiddu Krishnamurti words of wisdom on the freedom.


Already in a relationship…facing issues…what should I do?

“Love is the power and Self Love is very important before you jump into any relationship. Don’t jump on the ship with fears and load of ego. Ship will sink one day and you will end up with more confusion and stress.”

Question asked ” if we are already in the ship, and our partner doesn’t cooperative? and creating a new fear?”


There are 2 people, one you & other is your partner. I see 3 cases

1) Both are going through their own issues thus its bringing more issues in the relationship
2) One of them is conscious enough to understand who is into the relationship…Is it love or fear?
3) Both are conscious and it’s a perfect match.

We are going to discuss #2

Let’s say you are that person who is conscious. Now, you can transform the situation by accessing the state of being.

No doubt that it’s challenging because you have awareness that reacting, anger etc won’t help the situation. Remembrance will help you to handle this situation.

Remembrance that our true nature which is love. You can help by giving more love to your partner and it’s possible when you have enough to give.

If you don’t react then he or she will act in favor of peace after many reactions because he or she will feel your peace. Spiritual journey is an inward journey and you don’t need to wait for others to access state of being…Inner peace.


Touch & Problem

Few months ago, I read a line in one of the Krishna Murthi’s book “everything we touch turns into a problem”…

I put the book back and started my own journey to understand what he meant….

Everything we touch turns into a problem. This is so true.

You name it…relationships, friendship, professional life, even while interacting with people who we don’t know personally

You may disagree with me so let’s explore a little.

What happens after few months or couple of years in a relationship? EGO starts playing its role and we start changing each other and finally it turns into a problem

What happens in a dating relationship? Honeymoon period over and issues starts kicking in

What happens in a new job after few days or months? You start looking to come into lime light or look for opportunity to get more attention which results in leg pulling of others or actions to dominate others


EGO wants attention
Desire to posses more and more
Attachments to the old experiences, impressions and habits

Try to fit this into your to see if it makes sense or not