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Power Of Stillness – Reviews

Something very important before you starts reading. Please don’t judge , read it and move on then come back after few days and take a look on the book and then go for a walk or find sometime for yourself and try to find the essence of the message shared by this human to another human.

Tom, a good looking guy just had a break in a relationship. He is all happy now because he found the physical freedom from a relationship which did not work out. He goes out, clubbing, drink parties and so on. Life is just wonderful because of all this. After few days, he starts feeling bore and now sensual desires are back.

He starts dating and then same issues. Finally, he realized that he is escaping from the real problem. The problem is fears. Fear of loneliness and boredom. He is a good guy b

Kingdom of Love

Love, Love and Love every where. That’s your present or up coming kingdom. You will eat love, sleep love, walk love, talk love, feel love, drink love.


Start visualizing heaven in your mind. It’s so easy to think about hell but why it is difficult to think about heaven

Start visualizing a world full of love and bliss. Open your heart and see what’s there….
Dump jealousy,possessiveness, guilt, hate, controlling in the universe for always. Clean your mind and heart.

Don’t hold on the past. Changes brings progress. Bring changes and look for transformation.

Love, Love and Love……. You will see Love in clouds, water, grass,flowers…..
Don’t raise questions in your mind that why he or she loves you. Enjoy the company with your partner. Don’t judge and control.
“Love is Beauty of SOUL” 

Revenge vs Law of Karma

Note inspired from something very interesting ” Its hard to speak and its harder to absorb Truth”

Revenge is an attempt to satisfy yourself by hurting or punishing some one.
Law of Karma for every event that occurs, there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first, and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant according as its cause was skillful or unskillful.

3 people in this story “A B C”
A and B are good friends with each other. C is just a friend playing her role.
A talks to C about something related to B. C shares her feelings. A is a PAIN body going through confusion. A takes an action which affected B.

B talks to C about something related to A and C shares her feelings. B made the assumption that A made decisions because of C.

B decides to PROVE LAW OF KARMA by taking revenge based on assumption made. NOW 2 pain bodies A and B together and settling down things.

A let go of C , B let go of C, A and B are gone already. What happened here?

Drama because of resistance, assumptions and misunderstanding on LAW of KARMA


Detached Observer

The lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises
above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. At night
the flower closes and sinks underwater. At dawn it rises and
opens again. The lotus symbolizes the purity of heart and mind.
“I am sharing my beauty and love with you. I want
nothing from you. It is OK if you don’t want to look at me
because my beauty comes with mud. I am detached from
illusion and all vices. I love me the way I am and love you the
way you are. I have no expectations. I have no desires. I am the
Real me.”
The lotus is a detached observer. The lotus is sharing
its beauty with the whole World but has no attachment to
anybody. During my discussions on this topic, people did not
like the word “detach.” Being the detached observer does not
mean that you are not allowed to have attachments. Handle
your karmic relationships as detached as the LOTUS, and share
your pure love and knowledge and don’t create sorrow for
anyone. When one is detached, one is not affected by Worldly
conditions like suffering and pain, happiness or sadness. These
are all Worldly states of mind. I am hurt and my mind can give
you hundreds of reasons of getting hurt but who is hurt, the
Real you or Ego. Ego is hurt because the Real you is full of
The Detached observer in a relationship gives pure
love to your partner and does not become possessive. (This is
the detached state).
The Universal LAW: Up and Down, Good and Bad,
Happy and Sad, Day and Light, winter and summer,
Attachment and Detachment. Think about your life: Be
practical and focus on things with which you are really attached,
a car, your cell phone, your pet (dog or cat or…), your friends,
your family, your girl friend or boy friend, your wife or
husband, your kids. Take a moment and detach yourself from
those attachments.
How does it feel when you detached yourself from those attachments?
Answer 1:
If the feeling is Wonderful then:
case 1 {you cheated yourself which means you did not go into a
deep dive to feel the detachment.}
case 2 {you did not feel the need to experience this because you
are underestimating the Universal law.}
case 3 {you have very strong intellect.}
Answer 2:
If the feeling is horrified or full of Sorrow: it means there is
some work to do. The work is not to get detached from that
attachment. It is time to be practical and understand that life is
not only about those attachments which you have. Life is
beyond that. You are here to add value in this world. You can
enjoy your relationship with more love and affection as a
detached obsjavascript:void(0)erver because there won’t be any insecurity or fear
of loss


Emotion:any strong agitation of the feelings actuated by experiencing love, hate, fear, etc., and usually accompanied by certain physiological changes, as increased heartbeat or respiration, and often overt manifestation, as crying or shaking.

I saw my daughter and got emotional so gave a hug. Mind gave instructions to body to hold her. Emotion as word implies generates motion to the body.

I cursed my girlfriend or boyfriend because I had this feeling of hate so got instructions from mind to use bad words.

Emotion = Energetic Motion to body = Reaction

There is always space between thinking and feeling. You think then you can pause but feeling is most of the time takes strong form and generates reactions

There is nothing wrong and right or good and bad….

your truth….freedom from authority

you can find truth once there is capacity to learn more…once you start questioning your own beliefs and what others telling you to believe…Many time we don’t question or recognize authority because of intoxication of bliss and attachment to people who helped you to come out of suffering “message is important than messenger” …freedom from authority is a must to light to yourself…

Letter to first Love…Shared by someone very close to me

A human:

I realized the truth…It took me 15 years to understand that I have to let go of something…I chased success , power, money , career for 15 yrs after we broke up…I lost wonderful people, females specially who gave me unconditional love but I was lost because I was carrying the pain of first love…I wanted to be rich….

2nd True love came into my life and she woke me up from the pain …my kid…She said, Dad, I love you and you are my heart…I said, wow, I have the same feeling for my first love and what am I doing?

I woke up , cried and realized the truth…true love always come back home …I am free…I love you a lot and I know its gonna end with me but now I don’t have pain

Thanks for listening…you know it really means a lot that you are listening because I don’t want to die with this message keeping in my heart…My SOUL will keep wondering otherwise.

Seek and You will find…Inner Stillness

You and only you can change your life. You have to bring the desire to change your life. It’s time NOW to access stillness, Inner stillness.

You’re walking, talking, eating, body is in action but your SOUL or MIND is still. Experience it as soon as you finish reading this note.

If you’re doing this first time then try to find alone time of around 30 minutes, no interference…just you in a room.

Important: Let go of all you have learned so far and start it from point A

Close your eyes, breathe in & out few times, relax your body and mind.

Stay still and keep breathing in & out…Pay attention to your thoughts…what are those people coming into your head?

Stay still & slowly analyze those thoughts…

why hate, anger, jealousy, controlling people, greed, craving, playing with other lives there….see your True nature…Don’t push away the truth. It’s going to be last time because your life will be changed after experiencing stillness. The key is “you don’t need to think that you are experiencing or practicing stillness”

Just stay still and you are transforming your life as soon as you start letting go of those waste and dirty thoughts (it’s garbage…thoughts on jealousy, controlling …It’s trash sitting in your head and polluting your SOUL)


Love…Lets build a new foundation to live a new life…focus on love. give love & its possible if you decide to do not because others asking you to do so….You have to bring that strong desire in your heart to change the way you are living …Love will transform your life