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Dealing with Healing

1) Stop sharing pain and past stories and stop thinking about it
2) let go of past, fears and ego
3) Become still and pay attention to quality of thoughts ( dirty laundry comes in when you become still)
4) start helping yourself by focusing on positive side of life
5) Forgive yourself and others. very important 
6) Observe without any judgement. Observer as detached observer.
7) Healing is a journey not destination so believe in learning new things. Don’t restrict yourself.
8) Start helping others and its only possible when you help yourself.

Business of give and take

Business of give and take

            Someone needs money to buy a house. A loan agent stops by and makes a deal. They discussed the loan amount and then the rate of interest based on income.

            What’s happening in our life? We are doing the same. You need to be loved so you want a relationship. You are ready to accept a few things about the person, though you know it may be hard to accept him or her as he or she is. You have a fear, a fear of loneliness, and of not being loved, being single or dying alone.


            Now give and take starts, and you give him or her love so you want the same or more than that. Frustration and stress kicks in when you feel improvements are not happening and then business recovers, so you decide to move on. You stay single for a few weeks or a month or a year. In case you find the essence of life during this break time then all complications are solved, otherwise this business of give and take will keep going on.

Why do we expect anything in return?

“Expectation brings disappointment.”

            An elevated state of mind: “I am Love,” when there is no more desire of getting back, and you have found abundance, it has not materialized; it is the realization that money, status, power: each is illusion. Inner peace is what matters at last.

            I want you to ask this from your heart, I give you love, but you have to love me back. Does it really mean love?

            No, its business…give and take is business. Ego always wants exclusivity, exclusive love and even God too.

Your world…Your life…You don’t care

You have everything you want….money, partner, relationships, friends, status, power …you can add more as per your life….

You have all this and now you are the happiest person….Life is super cool…. It keeps going on like that….No issues with life at all….

Is this end of the world for you? What about those who needs help? 

You: I know but what I can do and why should I do….whatever…. “ignore it” ….yeah, lets go and have fun…

What if everyone starts thinking like this? Are you one of these? A personality mentioned above ….If yes, then please pay attention to your beliefs.

Try to help others by sharing your knowledge, experiences and contribute to genuine organization who are helping others by providing food, shelter and all other facilities to those who needs help to survive.

I hope you will understand the essence of this note….


Awareness or Attentiveness on the quality of thoughts and actions…  
We all talk about unconditional love and giving. what happens when your friend or partner does not work the way you expected or wanted? 
You have knowledge on unconditional love and giving but you reacted or angry on his or her actions. You lose the control and reacts…after reaction you realize that you forgot all the knowledge on unconditional love and giving.  
Mindfulness is important to handle our day to day tasks specially dealing with loved ones. Remembrance is must to get freedom from ignorance. 
Ignorance results in anger and reactions.


Oneness….We are one. One MIND..ONE SOUL…We merged together.

True Love is the best example of oneness.True Love is far beyond the mind.Two SOULS merge in pure and unconditional love with no judgments.

There are very few SOUL who are with their first love which I call Type A. Love is GOD.You are ready to do anything for your love.

After the loss of Type A or first love, life changes. You may not be aware of it. You start jumping from one relationship to other to feel real love and affection. You have feelings and emotions for your partner which you call love.
Type A: Oneness
Type B: We can work on feeling Oneness

We don’t know anything when we come to this world.Our parents teach us to talk,walk, eat etc.
That’s the knowledge we get from our family.

Knowledge on Oneness can change your relationships miraculously. If you “really” want to be with your partner then start accepting everything as it is because that’s you. You are him or her because you have knowldge on ONENESS.
You and your partner is one. There are 2 bodies but one mind.

This is the feeling you should have and it come when you “really” want to be with your partner.

Remember the flow: Thought turns into feeling and ends up creating our destiny.

You are the creator of your kingdom. It’s your wish to have sorrow or happiness because you are spreading the energy and your partner is picking up.

Destruction by MIND

Whole day the train of mind is running without any stop even dreams are bothering you during the sleep mode. You wake up in middle of the sleep because of a dream and then can’t go back to sleep.

Is there any switch off button to stop mind?

Answer: Who is controlling mind?

You are supposed to control mind but mind in controlling you. EGO is killing your real life, a life full of bliss.

The train of mind is running by old habits, impressions and life style causing stress and confusion. This is destruction by mind.

We need Strong intellect to run the train of mind to control the destruction and focus on construction.

Don’t become slave to mind. Don’t let it ruin your present moment. Don’t let it play with you by brining thoughts of past and future.

Bonus..every day you wake up

Your first day in this world, job started as human…next all days are bonus days because you are still alive. Isn’t this true?

Every day you wake up and go to bed, next day same thing…Every day is a bonus because you are still alive.

People uses pay bonus to buy gifts, special add ons in the house or pay off loans etc.

Why can’t you use your bonus ( every day you wake up because you are alive, its bonus) to give love, compassion, peace?

You can do it once your understands the essence of psychological time…No past, No future….NOW is what you just have.