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Consciousness is awareness of one’s own
existence. “Human is Unconscious.” It is very true. Are you
confused or angry after reading your current state of mind? You
are unconscious if you are trapped under an illusion. Illusion is
something which is not real. You see it but it does not exist or
let us say it exists but it is not real.
I studied the ‘mirage effect’ in school. On a hot sunny
day when you drive and then you see a patch of water or wet
road, but when you arrive at that point you will find no water or

wet patch. If you believe that more money or power will bring
love, peace and happiness, then that is an illusion like a mirage.
An illusion or Maya (Hindi word) is an impression, like
money is everything or more status in the society is happiness
or possessing more power will prove your existence in this
world. Illusion comes when we are trapped under body
consciousness which is fulfilling all the desires of this body. The
body is looking to survive and for another human body to
fulfill sensual desires. A body has a name and that name has
status. The name is craving to possess more. For example: lust
for power. You may be an assistant and you are craving to
become manager. That status is an illusion. You will become
manager and then what? You want to become director and this
cycle will keep going on. This is an illusion and you are trapped
under it because you are more focused on the future and the
future is an illusion. Once you get more power then you say “It
feels so good now after reaching this position.” You may not be
aware but that victory is not a victory if you reached those goals
at the cost of your present moments with your loved ones and
at a cost to your self. You loved someone but your ego, which
is an illusion, the non-real you, is playing games and you are
trapped under body consciousness. We even don’t know that
we are trapped under EGO. We keep giving excuses to our
actions and beliefs to believe that we are right. This is a healthy
diet for EGO.
Let us have a little talk on “Human is Unconscious.”
You: I disagree with the statement of the writer that “Human is
Writer: I don’t know what your current circumstances are but,
“Human is Unconscious.” I have one question for you. Do you
agree that you came alone into this world and are going back
alone? This question will help you to understand that you are
just your body and soul. Your entire bank balances and other
material things are an illusion.
If your answer is yes then you are on the other side of
the world where you accept the present as it is and work with it.
If your answer is no then your side of the world is an illusion

Imagine yourself as an angel for a minute. An angel
is a person having qualities generally attributed to an angel, as in beauty,
purity, or kindness. If you bring the picture of an angel into your
mind then you will see a beautiful person with two wings. You
are an angel, an angel with love, peace and purity.
Please don’t underestimate this statement. Vices like
Ego, Lust, Anger, Greed, Possessiveness, and controlling others
has broken your wings.
What does it take to go back to your original state, to
fix those wings that fly back to the path of love, peace and
You need zeal to become pure in actions and
enthusiasm to bring transformation. Start seeing the world with
eyes of peace and love. Start recognizing the existence of
illusion. Look at your actions and see if you are creating sorrow
for yourself and others.
Don’t create sorrow and pain for anyone. Share your
knowledge and help others to reach their goals. Blessings bring
strength and inspiration. Sometimes I look at the carpet…as
though the carpet is the Universe and each thread in the carpet
is a life. Why do we need to take everything personally and start
cursing our own mind, existence and life? Curses are negative
thoughts. These negative thoughts weaken our existence in this
world. A vacuum cleaner comes and takes those loose threads
out of the carpet. A vacuum cleaner is like an unexpected
incident like the loss of a relationship or job and you start
losing control over your mind.



I will start this topic with the difference between change and transformation. You may have seen people saying to other people, “Why don’t you change? Change your life a little to bring prosperity and happiness.”

A long time ago somebody said this to me. I asked, “What do you want me to change. And why should I change?” I know I am not perfect BUT I had this feeling or understanding that I have very strong beliefs. When things do not work the way you have planned and life is full of chaos, confusion and stress then decide to use the brain to troubleshoot life issues. People do not easily change. It is very difficult to change something created by this Universe. You use knowledge to bring changes in your life and it happens when you really decide with a strong determination and will power and then TRANSFORMATION happens, changing y our belief system based on the new knowledge that is received.

Transformation is the movement from the old beliefs to new ones created by you, based on the knowledge received, not on something I said or on what another human said. There is a phase in life where you are confused, stressed out and trying to find the reason behind all the complications, because all the times you blamed others and GOD did not work. To help you out, you hear an inner voice which is pushing you to look for Transformation. Before Transformation, you are more focused on the past and the future. You are not able to let go of the past.

The attachment to an old relationship keeps coming back. There is jealousy and possessiveness in you causing problems in your relationships. You are judgmental and always trying to change others. You know you are not perfect, but you think you just have strong beliefs and that you don’t have an Ego. Besides all this, you are still stressing out and going through a pain cycle. Let’s talk about beliefs. You have a few rules set up in your life or may be you just go with the flow but still there are rules which define what’s wrong or right and good or bad.

You set those rules based on lessons learned in life and may be from other experiences. Your parents and teachers played an important role too. You saw your parents going to church, mosque or temple. You may have attended religious or spiritual meetings. Whatever goes in stays in. All that information which you heard or listened to is still there in one of the corners of your mind.

You may have heard all this from your elders that it is good to go to church, temple or mosque. It is good to eat certain food. It is good to do this and bad to do that. All this is based on their beliefs. “You should study science or economics.

You should focus on learning more languages.” But you don’t want to study science and you have to do it because you do not see any choice. You may have raised this question about who decided what is good or bad. It is not good to stay up so late. It is not good to wake up so late. “You know Honey; you should not do this, as it is wrong. Why do you keep doing this as I have told you many times that it is not the right thing to do?”

We make rules to live a better life and avoid complications but complications and stress are still there. We blame others for those complications to prove that our beliefs are strong.


Ac acceptance, Courage and Willpower require transforming your life. The confusion occurs when you see that your beliefs are causing all the suffering but the best part is you have already broken the attachment as soon as you realize that your beliefs caused all this suffering. You may be in your mid 20’s or 40’s or 60’s. Imagine that you are building something for the last 60 years and something happens which proves that the whole foundation is wrong. You look back 60 years and that feeling creates the resistance to accept Transformation.

Let us say you have gathered enough courage and strong willpower, but then the next excuse will be time. People say “I want to do it, but I have no TIME!”

There is no greater obstacle to an inner voice of GOD than TIME. Start spending time in your own company. Become still and stay still as long as you can. You will hear the voice of stillness in your head. Work with those voices and start bringing changes into your life. Analyze the quality of those voices. Are those voices bringing up any negativity? If so, go more deeply and see what is the real fear? I did it so you can do it too. There are many others who have done this. My inner voice is saying at this moment, “What are you waiting for, more pain, stress or complications? And then you are going to finally do it… Don’t put Time as an excuse.”

Finding God through Stillness

Finding God through Stillness

            All religions and spiritual organizations have defined God as per their beliefs. Is God something “some thing”? . . . a thing?

            God is no thing. Humans use brains to think and have created things like computers, planes, cars, radios, the Internet, phones, and satellites and this makes sense but can humans use the brain or mind to create God?

 A generator cannot create a creator. A son cannot be a father of his father. God cannot be created by a thought. Who invented the statue of GOD?

            HUMAN, therefore this means somewhere there was a thinking process. GOD cannot be created by a thought because a thought comes from MIND which belongs to a human. GOD is no physical entity.

            You find your own way and that happens when the inner voice becomes more profound than the external voice.

What is the inner voice?

              This is what you hear when go into the moment of deep silence by accessing the power of stillness. You hear voices, which lead to the right path. You may not like some voices because they bring out the truth, and we just ignore this under the influence of ego, lust, possessiveness, anger, greed and desires attached to this body.
              You spend hours on the phone with your friends and family. Can you do the following favor for yourself?

              Please spend at least 15-30 minutes for yourself. Be still and go into a deep silence and ask all the questions which you are asking to the symbols of god, created by another human while praying. You will get all the answers. It may take a while to experience that. Remember, when you turn on the radio, you set the frequency level to listen to a specific program. It is the same concept in your life. To experience the two way communication with God, you must spend time in inner silence. Prayer while worshiping external symbols of God is one way of communication. You do it and then leave the church, temple or mosque. Life goes back to the same cycle.

Are you raising a question in your mind that the inner voice is GOD?

            Yes, GOD is within you, right there. Start paying attention to the inner voices and inner feelings. You can master your life once you start attending to inner voices.

Stillness and Love….Please leave your feedback

If there is any question on love, pleasure, relationship then I want you to try this.

Sit down and relax. Close your eyes breathe in and out a few times. Stay still and raise question on love. What is love for you?

I just tried the above and the first thing I saw was my daughter and then my work, writings and my family.

I focused my attention on my previous relationships and I see all those who were involved with me and I see love and forgiveness. 

There are moments when tears comes out during this process and I experience healing, Power of Tears.

~~~~~~~ Please leave your feedback ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Start giving value to:

the relationship you have
the friendship you have
the present moment you have
the love you have
the words you shared with others
the help you received in the past
the power you have…use it in right way to help others
the experiences you have …share with others to let them know not to make same mistakes

Life before death

Life is a living being …so simple and easy to say so I decided to raise another question. What is living?
Living is having life. Does it mean that we have found the answers of questions raised?
No it’s not that simple. You may say , come on dude, stop this and let’s just live life with joy and love. I have no problem with that. Let’s do it but I just want to spend few minutes to see if we as one family know how to live…
Taking care of bills, personal things and then find few days off to enjoy free time. Go back to the same routine every again and….after 50 or 60 years…Life ends.
Now the question is ” Did you live your life fully?”
Living life fully? Does it mean world tours, cruises, wealth or all worldly pleasures?
I would say all these are very small part of living life fully, but it is part, so we can’t ignore it. The major part is your contribution to family called Human Being.
What have you created during your own journey which you can pass to next generation?
Creation is an art. Jesus , Buddha or name any accomplished teacher created something to live life in favor of humanity, but what we have done. We used their words and created religions and worse part is killing each other on name of religion and God. This is just an example to think about the way we as one manipulates to fit everything to get what we want.
Let’s talk about living life with love and truth.
Consciousness is the state of being conscious; awareness of the one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.
Remembrance of your true nature will keep you awake, and you will find freedom from ignorance. Ignorance is forgetting your true nature, which is Love.
Is Love going to pay your bills? Is Love going to bring peace? Is Love really exist? Is Love really transforms life?
Love brings peace of mind. Once you have peace of mind then you can focus on something creative and then who knows you may invent a new technology. Love exists and its not something the physical entity. Its inside of you and its not even that physical part which we call Heart. Love is a sacred feeling free of desires. Love transforms life as it brings caring and compassion.
These are not just a bunch of words. This is truth of one human, and he is sharing with you now. I hope you will find the real essence of my message….
A mystery you have to solve ” why are you here in this world?” Are you here to pay bills or Is there something else you have to do it?

Changing my self

I was thinking…

There are people who always would like to change you, so they can feel better by them self. After a while with people around me who 24/7 was telling me to behave and act like this and that…I resigned.

I felt confused because I was not good enough out here…So I meditated and till my pleasant surprise I got this message: You do not have to change your self.

What a relief. I’m actually good enough inside me, Yohooo

So what I learned from this….Don’t let anyone change you unless you ask for it, Do not change others…its our own mess we see out there. The mess is a recognition of our feelings, like pain, produced by thought…

So Instead of changing that feeling labeled “pain”, observe it…and let God or the Higher power to take care of the transformation….

As Mooji says:

To change the world is not your business.

To change your self is not your duty.

To awaken to your true nature, is your opportunity.


One of my friends called and started discussing his pain stories. He was blaming his past for everything.
My only response: HUH

After few minutes he said why you are keep using word HUH
His Story:
“He was hurt because his last relationship did not work out. His ex friend left him because he did not pay attention to her words because he thought she really loves him.
He started dating her friend as soon as she left but things got complicated as he was not ready yet for another relationship. Now he is feeling lonely and confuse so he decided to find out what is going on in his life. Why GOD is playing around with him like this”

HUH means confuse. My friend said why you are confused after listing all this. I said I am not. The word HUH = HEAL UR HEART
Don’t jump from one tree to another like monkey, the word tree represents relationships. Heal your heart means try to find out why do you need a relationship at first place and Do you really know what do you want from a relationship. Start spending some time with your self and see if you enjoy it or not. If you don’t then it means you have some home work to do before you jump into the relationship. Find things which you gives you real feeling for joy and happiness. Don’t put conditions on your happiness. Don’t let your mind play around with you, I want some one to touch me, I want some one to……
If you cannot enjoy your own company then how can you expect some one else to enjoy your company…

He said thank you and finished the call